Clare Calbraith interview – video

Clare Calbraith and Brendan Coyle

Clip of Downton Abbey Stars Mr Bates (Brendan Coyle) and Jane The New Housemaid (Clare Calbraith) who worked together ...

October 10 2005

This doesn't belong to me. Property of ITV. I make nothing from this. It's only for entertainment purposes. Per request. Uploads that ...

Heartbeat - Clare Calbraith.mpg

Video of Clare Calbraith - Heartbeat's Doctor Tricia Summerby. All Rights Remain at ITV - No infringement of Copyright Intended.

Clare Calbraith - Biography

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Heartbeat cast including Nick Berry and Tricia Penrose look very different 28 years after show first

IT was the family favourite police drama which aired from 1992 until 2010 and featured some of the country's best known actors.

Heartbeat -Lisa Kay An Aidensfield Angel

Fan tribute to Lisa Kay - Heartbeat's Nurse Carol Cassidy. All Rights Remain at ITV and Original Scources - No Infringement of ...

The Earl and The Housemaid

The Earl of Grantham's infatuation with Housemaid Jane Moorsum. Sorry for the Bloody Stupid Adverts You Tube/Google have ...

Rockface S01 E02

Series 1 - Episode 2 In a challenging rescue, Mike (Richard Graham) becomes separated from the team due to a cave-in during ...

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Jason Durr: I'm getting used to the blood and guts on Casualty

An interview with the actor who recently joined BBC1's medical drama as nurse David Hide.

Talk To Me Like A Human: How To Improve Your Public Speaking

This video blog will help you improve your public and speaking and better engage with any audience. My aim to to help you ...

Heartbeat Tricia Penrose Where Did Our Love Go

Tricia Penrose and THe Heartbeat Cast perform The 60's Classic "Where Did Our Love Go".

How To Make The Most of A Media Interview

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Sonja Richter & the Research for IN YOUR HANDS – a behind the scenes documentary

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Heartbeat - Gina's "Art" Beat

The Gina and Jack Story All rights Remain at ITV - No Copyright Intended.

Damage clips - Spoilers within

Damage (2007) Short clips Written and Directed by Aisling Walsh Produced by Tristan Lynch, Dominic Wright Production ...

Tricia Penrose - The Video.mpg

Tricia Penrose (Heartbeat's Gina Ward) Music Clips.

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