Dot Jones interview – video

Dot Marie Jones - LA Comic Con 2018

LA Comic Con 2018. IdeateTV host Catrina Demonteverde talks with former arm wrestling champion and actress Dot-Marie Jones ...

Dot Jones, Lauren Potter, and Josh Sussman Backstage Interview - Streamys 2013 Dot Jones, Lauren Potter, and Josh Sussman is interviewed backstage at the Streamy Awards 2013.

Dot Jones and Jayma Mays Talk GLEE Season 3

Dot Jones and Jayma Mays Tease What's in store for their character during GLEE Season 3. More great videos at ...

Dot Marie Jones: Dropping The Soap Interview

Dot Marie Jones talks with PopWrapped at the world premiere of Dropping The Soap!

Rick Quan vs Dot Jones

Be sure to check out Came across this Quan classic and it ...

Dot Marie Jones' (Beiste From "Glee") Youth Counselor Past

Dot Marie Jones talks about the path she took to get to acting. #Glee #DotMarieJones #KarenHunterShow (SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ...

The Adrienne Van Houten Interview with Jayma Mays and Dot-Marie Jones

Jayma Mays and Dot-Marie Jones talk about Glee, OCD, and being tall with Adrienne van Houten of Adrienne's House blog ...

GLEE's Coach Beiste aka Dot Jones talks w Eric Blair about Glee,editing & make up

(WIKI ) Dorothy-Marie "Dot" Jones (born January 4, 1964) is an athlete and actress who has had multiple roles in television.

Dot Jones on Full House

Dot Marie Jones guest stars on Full House as a muscular woman. The episode was "I've Got a Secret." Season 8, Episode 4.

Gay and Trans choruses joined Dot Marie Jones for Dodgers National Anthem

The Gay Mens Chorus and Trans Chorus of Los Angeles both joined out lesbian performer Dot Marie Jones to sing the National ...

Comedy Happens with Matty Simmons. Guest, Dot-Marie Jones

Matty Simmons, founder of the National Lampoon, talks comedy with Glee's very own Emmy nominated actor, Dot-Marie Jones.

Dot Jones, Glee, at the 2nd Annual Thirst Project Gala Red Carpet

Mingle Media TV was excited to cover the 2nd Annual Thirst Project Gala held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills hosted ...

Comic-Con 2011 Glee Dot Marie Jones and Darren Criss

Glee stars Dot Marie Jones and Darren Criss talk the new season, being inspirational characters, and magic on set.


Love is in the air at McKinley High on an all-new episode of Glee tonight on FOX. When Will tries to plan a special surprise for ...

Dot Marie Jones: Bitter Party of Five, Episode 5

Dot Marie Jones from FOX's GLEE sits down with the Bitter crew. Like this episode? SUBSCRIBE!!! Once ...

Dot-Marie Jones: I Will Always Love Cory Monteith

Dot-Marie Jones: I Will Always Love Cory Monteith.

Dot Jones: Glee, Hawthorne, Married With Children

Sponsored by - Watch this episode for a promo code! "Gleeks" everywhere know actress Dot Jones as ...

Dot-Marie Jones Rocks Out | New York Live TV

Dot-Marie Jones visits New York Live to chat with Jacque Reid and Sara Gore about “Rock of Ages.”

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