Joyce Redman interview – video

Interview with Matt & Beth Redman

Nicky Gumbel interviews Matt & Beth Redman about Worship as part of our Holy Spirit series.

Matt Redman Interview

Televised on 700 Club November 6, 2009, Matt Redman is interviews on The 700 Club by Gordon Robertson.

Matt Redman story - 2017

Matt Redman's story. How God has brought Luis Palau and Matt together through the years.

Amanda Redman Opens Up About The Horrific Burns She Suffered As A Child | Lorraine

Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 21/07/2016 Actress Amanda Redman opens up about the accident ...

Matt Redman worship at Joyce Meyer conference Nashville 2009

Matt Redman worship at Joyce Meyer conference Nashville 2009.

Bible Teacher Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer talks about how God touched her and called her to teach about Gods word when she wasn't even qualified. Joyce ...

Nicky Gumbel's Confession | Confessions with Giles Fraser

In a Good Friday special, Giles chats to Anglican priest and pioneer of the Alpha Course Nicky Gumbel about the moment he ...

Royce 5'9 - Overcomer (ft. Westside Gunn) - Official Video

Follow Royce 5'9”: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: ...

Facing the Canon with Archbishop Justin Welby

J.John interviews Justin Welby, the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England and 77 million Christians in ...

Facing the Canon with Jackie Pullinger

Jackie Pullinger, author of the bestselling book Chasing the Dragon, is more widely known for her ministry in Hong Kong helping ...

Dennis Waterman Life & Times Documentary Part 1/3

Dennis Waterman talks to Vanessa Feltz about his career. Part 1 of 3 only.To see the rest, visit us at

Matt Redman: Modern-Day Psalmist

UK-based worship leader, singer, and songwriter Matt Redman shares his testimony and story behind his music. As a boy in ...


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Facing the Canon with Nicky Gumbel

In conversation with J.John, Nicky Gumbel talks about his life and journey of faith, A fascinating insight into the life of a remarkable ...

Matt Redman: Love Life 2013

Matt Redman helped lead worship this year and hopes you make it next year!

Walter Lassally - Tom Jones: the eating scene and ways of working (80/266)

To listen to more of Walter Lassally's stories, go to the playlist: ...

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