Maria Fomina interview – video

Anita Lalwani & Maria Fomina @ ATS JAM 2013

TRIBAL WEEKEND 2013 ATS JAM PARTY Anita Lalwani from Fat Chance Bellydance & Maria Fomina, director of Mina Fo Tribal ...

COSÌ FAN TUTTE: Sisters Playing Sisters [Repost]

This interview was originally filmed in advance of our January 2018 presentation of COSÌ FAN TUTTE. We repost it now to the ...

Человек | Мария Фомина | Выпуск 2

КубГУ, факультет журналистики HUMAN MAGAZINE ЧЕЛОВЕК vol 1 inst: magazine.human.

Amy Sigil - Director of Award Winning ‪‎Unmata‬ American Tribal Belly Dancing

Amy Sigil - Director of Award Winning ‪‎Unmata‬ American Tribal Belly Dancing By 2002, UNMATA was a student troupe from ...

Fa Mi Noo Sangwich Official Video

Funny Song Italian Humor.

Interview by Catarsis Productions: Fatchance® ATS® Certified instructor, Adhara

Here at Gaia Dance-Unity we have plethora of talented instructors. Adhara Hernandez is a Fatchance® ATS® Certified instructor.

UA Culture @ Mina Fo Tribal Company studio

TV channel "UA Culture" has visited Mina Fo Tribal Company studio. Short interviews with it's director Maria Fomina & her ...

Umbra och Anne

Umbra and Anne in a movement dialect ATS® duet with flamenco fans and skirt work at The Red Carpet Show - Unce Upon a ...

Nadyka - Defistakle Mimisan

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Company Nadyka : haza & Jessica.

Haza & Marabyliane @ Toulouse Dub Club#16

Performance tribal fusion avec Haza & Marabyliane lors de la 16ème édition des Toulouse Dub Club le 04 Avril 2015 au Bikini ...

ATS Picnic August 2016

Music: "Ambient Dance" by Zeropage (CC-BY-3.0)

WNO Tosca - Mark S. Doss

Mark S. Doss plays Scarpia in WNO's Tosca. Welsh National Opera presents Puccini's Tosca at Birmingham Hippodrome on Thu ...

Silvia Fômina_TV interview_Prize Munich Academy of Arts_Part-II

Silvia Fômina_German TV interview: Alexander Kluge _ Prize Munich Academy of Arts _ Live concert_Part-II.

AT&S Halbjahresergebnisse 2019/20

AT&S entwickelt sich in herausforderndem Umfeld solide und bestätigt Jahresprognose.

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