Nina Dobrev interview – video

Nina Dobrev Was Bitten by a Monkey

Jimmy chats with Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev about her movie "Let's Be Cops," and losing feeling in her thumb after a trip to ...

Nina Dobrev Asks Stephen For 'Tequila Please'

'Dog Days' star Nina Dobrev teased her Late Show appearance on Instagram with the hashtag #TequilaPlease. Stephen prepared ...

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley - The Vampire Diaries stars on This Morning

2 June 2010 I do not own anything.. all rights go to This Morning :) Follow me on twitter to see more videos like that ...

Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens & the 'Dog Days' Cast Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"Dog Days" stars Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria and Adam Pally answer the internet's most searched questions ...

Nina Dobrev on Her First Love and Her First Time Skipping School | Firsts | Teen Vogue

"Dog Days" star Nina Dobrev tells us her "first" everything! What was the first award she won? Did she really cut class to watch The ...

Nina Dobrev Uses Conan As Her Human Yoga Wall - CONAN on TBS

CONAN highlight: Nina Dobrev gets all footsy with Conan while demonstrating her yoga.

Nina Dobrev Interview E! Online 2014 - Nina opens up about Ian

Nina Dobrev talks about her moment on stage with Ian Somerhalder at the peoples choice awards and talks about Damon and ...

Nina Dobrev Went Flyboarding

Jimmy speaks to xXx: Return of Xander Cage star Nina Dobrev and shares footage of latest travel adventure. Subscribe NOW to ...

Nina Dobrev Takes a Lie Detector Test with Luke Bracey | Vanity Fair

Nina Dobrev and Luke Bracey take the famous Vanity Fair lie detector test. Where is Nina from? How does she feel about her ...

•♦•The Vampire Diaries// ...Interview with Nina Dobrev...•♦•

hope you like it...I LOVE NINA ;) everywhone who love her too THUMB UP ;)

The Vampire Diaries Nina and Ian dish about the season finale

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder talk about the season finale, cliff hangers, Bonnie and Elena's relationship, people dying and ...

Nina Dobrev on Late Night with Conan

Nina Dobrev on Late Night with Conan.

Speaking Bulgarian, Accents & Voice Warm-ups w/ Nina Dobrev & Chris Parnell

After asking Nina Dobrev to say a "Bump N' Grind" lyric in Bulgarian, James and Chris Parnell go toe-to-toe over the quality of ...

Nina Dobrev: Truth or Dare Interview

More on and

Nina Dobrev Shows Off Her Action Hero Chops - CONAN on TBS

Nina wants to be the new Angelina Jolie, and she kicks Conan's ass to prove that she can.More CONAN ...

Nina Dobrev Interview Live with Kelly and Michael

Nina Dobrev Interview Live with Kelly and Michael.

Nina Dobrev Explores ASMR | W Magazine

In this Celebrity ASMR interview, Nina Dobrev explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds.

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