Sapphire Elia interview – video

Sapphire Elia Auditions For Britannia High

Sapphire Elia Auditions For Britannia High.

My daughter Saph: ‘Heaven’ - Bryan Adams

Sapphire Elia - She is singing cover songs to help get through the worldwide lockdown due to the CV. -19 Her Facebook page: ...

Sapphire Elia - I Can't Make You Love Me

Sapphire Elia with Darren Reeves and his band perform a new a version of 'I Can't Make You Love Me' (written by Mike Reid and ...

Britannia High: Sapphire Elia - Do it all over again.

Britannia High Sapphire Elia as Claudine Sings Do It All Over Again.

Interview with Saphire Elia

Check out this quick interview with Britannia High star Saphire Elia as she takes a break from filming "Body to Body"!


Sapphire Elia gave me a shoutout in her latest YouTube video :) I know this because I asked her if she meant me, and she replied ...

Matthew James Thomas & Sapphire Elia on Bucks TV

Richard Carr joins the cast of Britannia High as Matthew James Thomas and Sapphire Elia teach him some moves in November ...

Sapphire Elia

Sapphire Elia 22-08-11.

Image 34 Magazine Presents Issue Two Cover Shoot With Sapphire Elia

Behind the scenes to the cover shoot with Actress Sapphire Elia. Video Edited and Filmed by Milletti Films - ...

Undercover Hooligan (2016) with Madalina Bellariu Ion, Sapphire Elia, Ali Bastian Movie

The movie follows four men who execute a daring football stadium robbery. But their volatile dynamic turns sour when the leader ...

UNDERCOVER HOOLIGAN - Exclusive Behind The Scenes Interviews Featurette (2016)

UNDERCOVER HOOLIGAN on VOD 19 December and DVD Boxing Day 2016. Buy now from Britflicks ...

singing Ed Sheeran-LEGO HOUSE with new hair! :)

my new hair, ed sheeran 'lego house' cover, shout outs and the london marahton!! click here to donate ...

Sapphire Elia - Career

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Sapphire Elia Showreel 2019

Edited by "For Reelzies"

Sapphire Elia... This Is Why I Love You! :)

I made this for Sapphire Elia, my favourite Emmerdale actress! I used to watch her as Claudeine in Britannia High too, back when ...

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