Shadia Simmons interview – video

Carshall: If We Were A Movie

Yet another Carshall video that I've made to the Hannah Montana song "If We Were A Movie".

LIFE WITH DEREK || 4x17 "Surprise!"

Summary: As the prom approaches, Casey and Derek both find themselves without a date. Meanwhile, George and Nora have ...

Shadia Simmons - Career

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Zac Efron and Zoey Deutch have fun on set... !

★ Subscribe HERE and NOW ► Jason Kelly (Zac Efron), an uptight lawyer headed down the wrong path ...

Shadia Simmons

Shadia Simmons is a Canadian actress, teacher, and director. She is best known for her role as Corrine Baxter in the television ...

The "Life With Derek" Then and Now

Hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE :) Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed, please SUBSCRIBE us! Title: The "Life With Derek" Then and ...

HHW All Access: Trina

The Diamond Princess chops it up with Hip Hop Weekly!!

Life With Derek 10 Year Anniversary Reunion w Ashley Leggat & Michael Seater @ CMI 2015

Ashley Leggat and Michael Seater of "Life With Derek" fame get together for the show's 10th year anniversary at the 2015 Count ...

SDABHH | Everybody Hurts

Fandom: Strange Days at Blake Holsey High/Black Hole High Song: Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne.

black hole high - Season 3, Episode 6 (32) nanotechnology (andyscot) vol.2

The science club uses nanotechnology to follow Tyler. Thing go bad when one of them accidentally swallows a camera.

I Love You More - Amir Sulaiman

I Love You More - Amir Sulaiman.

La La Land Interview - talks to John Legend correspondent Jacqueline Coley talks to John Legend on his role in La La Land. La La Land stars Ryan Gosling, ...

Interview with Linda Luztono

black hole high - Season 3, Episode 3 (29) allure (andyscot) vol.1

Corrine and Marshall have a fight. Also a new girl shows up at Blake Holsey and all the guys seem to be attracted to her causing ...

black hole high - Season 3, Episode 7 (33) vision (andyscot) vol.1

Lucas is upset about continuously losing at Hearts, so he rigs his his glasses and a deck of cards with invisible ink to win. To bad ...

black hole high - Season 3, Episode 4 (30) tesseract (andyscot) vol.1

ENG Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is a Canadian sci-fi show about a group of five friends and their favorite teacher.

93 SECONDS: Ana-María Agüero Jahannes | Clas/sick Hip Hop: 1993 EDITION

See more at Interdisciplinary artist Ana-María Agüero Jahannes on reuniting hip-hop and classical ...

Raw: Funerals Held for Egyptian Christians

Egyptian Christians buried their dead on Monday, a day after at least 44 people were killed in twin suicide bombings at Palm ...

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