Susannah York interview – video

Susannah York: 1939 - 2011

The death of Susannah York - her son tells us she would want to be remembered as a maverick. .

Duffy (1968) - James Coburn Susannah York at the beach

James Coburn fixes Susannah York's radio and explains her psychosexual compensation syndrome.

Susannah York & David Tomlinson / TOM JONES 1963

"Future son in law" Clip also includes Joan Greenwood and Hugh Griffith.

Susannah York / Ruth Rendell Mysteries 1997/ Complete Episode

"A Dark Blue Perfume" is an episode in the British series, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries. A widow (Susannah York) begins a ...

The Killing Of Sister George 1969 Full Movie

The Killing Of Sister George (1969) Full Movie. George lives with her lover, Childie and plays a cheerful district nurse in a BBC ...

Sebastian (1968) Janet Munro Dirk Bogarde Susannah York

a clip from the 1968 UK film "Sebastian" A British mathematician (Dirk Bogarde), working on code decryption, unexpectedly falls in ...

The Beautiful, Susannah York.

One of the UKs finest actresses. Loved and missed by so many of her avid fans. This is a video that many viewers have requested.

Susannah York - Armchair theatre - Thames TV

In this dramatic clip from Thames Televisions 'Armchair Theatre' we see BAFTA award winning actress Susannah York, loose ...

Meg Ryan interview - Parkinson - BBC

Remember this one? It is THE interview everyone was talking about. Michael Parkinson talks to Meg Ryan and it's really awkward, ...

Albert Finney | Studio interview | Good Afternoon | 1977

An interesting extract from an interview with actor Albert Finney. In these clips he tells Mavis Nicholson about how he prepares for ...

Susannah York - Maniscalco 1(1)

Susannah York interview.

Dirk Bogarde - Interview - Thames TV - 1981

British movie legend Dirk Bogarde chats to Thames Televisions 'Afternoon Plus' from his home in the South of France. Bogarde ...

Albert Finney & Susannah York / TOM JONES 1963

" I feel awake for the first time , madam. "

Susannah York in The Shout with John Hurt and Alan Bates

RIP Susannah York (1939-2011) It's a gorgeous Summer's day and ...

The Many Lives and Loves of Susannah York - A Tribute Memorial - "She's Always a Woman to Me'

This is a Genuine G-Shot in celebration of the many lives and loves play by veteran actor/actress Susannah York who died on ...

Battle of Britain Interviews, 1960's - Film 4305

Behind the scenes of 'Battle of Britain' Interviews with folks involved and scenes from film. Observer Corps, Plotting Room, Actual ...

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