Sydney Rouviere interview – video

Sydney Rouviere at "The Change-Up" Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals

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Sydney Rouviere "The Change-Up"- NBC News with Sharon Lawson

Sydney Rouviere is interviewed by the lovely Sharon Lawson of NBC 6 in Miami on her recent appearance in "The Change-Up"

Sydney Rouviere Original Audition "The Change-Up"

STRONG LANGUAGE- Sydney Rouviere's original audition tape for "The Change-Up".

Sydney Rouviere "The Change-Up" Deco Drive

Sydney Rouviere of "The Change-Up" on Deco Drive at her favorite PINKBERRY.

Sydney Rouviere "The Change-Up" on LIVE Miami with Roxanne Vargas

Sydney Rouviere of "The Change-Up" is interviewed on LIVE Miami with Roxanne Vargas.

Taylor Rouviere in Deco Drive Cover Shoot Segment (May 15, 2017)

Taylor Rouviere is on Deco Drive. The Bloodline starlet is interviewed while shooting the cover of Venice Magazine for their ...

Behind the Scenes

Sydney Rouviere with Larry the Cable Guy on the set of Tooth Fairy 2. This scene was edited out of the movie.

Taylor Rouviere in "OLYMPUS" Camera Campaign

Taylor Rouviere appears in this International OLYMPUS Camera Campaign.

Taylor Rouviere and Zachary Rouviere in "CARE PLUS" Campaign

Taylor Rouviere and Zachary Rouviere appear together in several commercials for this "CARE PLUS" campaign.

Silver Knight: Taylor Rouviere

Meet Palmetto's digital media Silver Knight nominee Taylor Rouviere.

Sydney Rouviere in "FIFTH THIRD BANK" Commercial

Sydney Rouviere's very first commercial for FIFTH THIRD BANK at two years old. Sydney did her scene in just two takes and was ...

DEVCON1: Panel - Scalability

DEVCON1 - Day 1 - 11:15am GMT Ethereum's Dr. Gavin Wood ( moderates a panel with Vitalik ...

E819: Brendan Eich, Brave (Mozilla): ad-blocking anon browser, crypto-payments, ICO's $35m in 30 sec

SIGN UP FOR TWIST EPISODES MAILING LIST: Brave founder Brendan Eich (fmr Mozilla, JavaScript) on ...

Taylor Rouviere in "RED PROTEK" Alarm Infomercial

Taylor Rouviere is adorable in this "RED PROTEK" Alarm Infomercial in which she talks about a "scary robber".

Taylor Rouviere in "JUSTICE" In-Store Video

Taylor Rouviere appears in this SHOP "JUSTICE" Girls Clothing In-Store Video which she shot in her home town, Miami.

"The Change-Up" Premiere Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde, Sandra Bullock

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