Yunjin Kim interview – video

Lost - Yunjin Kim on Korean Culture (Paley Center)

Actress Yunjin Kim ("Sun Kwon") describes how she is able to give input to provide the show with authentic Korean culture.

Craig Ferguson 6/5/14E Late Late Show Yunjin Kim

Craig chats with Yunkin Kim from "Mistresses"...

LOST: Yunjin Kim. Exclusive Interview with Jay and Jack! (HD) LOST: Exclusive Red Carpet with Yunjin Kim. Jay and Jack Present, in association ...

Yunjin Kim - Korean Interview

Yunjin Kim interviewed on the set of the new L'Oréal Revitalift commercial, August 2009. full credit & original source: ...

[Section TV] 섹션 TV - Kim Yunjin, Various Mother love act know-how! 20170409

Kim Yunjin,Various Mother love act know-how! ▷ Playlist for THIS episodes ...

"House of the Disappeared" Interview : Kim Yunjin, Ok Taecyeon [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.03.20]

Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: ------------------------------------------------ KBS World is a TV ...

The Lost Initiative - Yunjin Kim Interview

Iain Lee interviews Yunjin Kim on the set of Lost ahead of Season 6. #lost #theisland #iainlee #yunjinkim #season6.

Lost - Season 2 - Yunjin Kim Interview

Lost - Season 2 - Yunjin Kim Interview.

Interview - Yunjin Kim

ZMTV 2008 - Sun from Lost ZM's Season of the Stars 2008 is here! Yunjin Kim plays Sun-Hwa Kwon on Lost - Pol spoke to her ...

Yunjin Kim - Their Cultural Background Is Remarkable - 3/3 Visits In Chronological Order [480-720]

Their cultures are so different one can sense it. She is more beautiful than I thought and less stuckup than I imagined.

Lost - Season 4 - Yunjin Kim Interview

Lost - Season 4 - Yunjin Kim Interview.

Mistresses - Yunjin Kim and Rochelle Aytes - Opposite Sides of the Story

While Yunjin Kim plays a mistress, Rochelle Aytes plays a cheated wife, and both their loved ones have died. Here they comment ...

John Cho Speaks Korean Like a 6-Year-Old

John talks about growing up in South Korea, meeting with a bunch of family members while he was visiting recently and needing ...

Lost - Audition Tape - Yunjin Kim

The LOST audition tape for Yunjin Kim.

Yunjin Kim Interview

Yunjin Kim interviewed at Sunset on the beach.

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